on the front lines of beauty

Beauty. Strength. Boldness. Smarts.

What’s Your Weapon?

We are here to rebel. Against the standard, against the status, and most of all, against the sameness. You are beautiful because you are you. There’s a strong lioness inside of you, and we know that sometimes, you like to dress her up with glitz, glam, and daringly heavy eyeliner. We also know that Saturdays are slow, and sometimes your lionness is sleepy and just needs a good moisturizer. We get it. Whether it’s a glammed up Friday night, be-a-boss-lady Monday, or I-have-no-idea-what’s-going-on-can-someone-please-bring-me-a-flat-white Wednesday, we’re here to celebrate alongside you – in size, in shade, in skin type, in curl pattern, and however you choose to express yourself.


We got the goods, you got the goodies.

Let’s be friends.

We are an army, and we know that a team works best when everyone is at their best, in their own, unique way.

Pick up your weapon of choice – whether it be a smile, that perfect shampoo, or some hella fine lipstick – we’re here to celebrate you, and we hope you’ll come champion other women, as we champion you.


See you on the field.